Updating table with table variable

07-Jul-2017 00:59

This used to be safe, but as Berkeley DB has evolved to use more aggressive caching, file locking may no longer be sufficient.

Furthermore, file locking would not prevent problems when the update fails because the disk is full or something else causes a database update to fail.

Here is a list of database types that are often supported: A sorted, balanced tree structure.

This is available only on systems with support for Berkeley DB databases.

With some tables, however, Postfix needs to know only if the lookup key exists.

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If you change a local file based database such as DBM or Berkeley DB, there is no need to execute "postfix reload".Postfix uses file locking to avoid read/write access conflicts, and whenever a Postfix daemon process notices that a file has changed it will terminate before handling the next client request, so that a new process can initialize with the new database.

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