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It's more likely that a human directly influenced (or advised) by the Engineers got killed which not amused them 2k years ago. So is this the last we will see of the Engineers in detail?Big Dave Jul-20-2017 [email protected] Indeed i think this is a good point, it really is down to if FOX feel a interest in the Engineers is needed, when they was working on the Prequels, the TWO Main Questions was.... Maybe it could have been, but with AC doing Worse than Prometheus i am sure FOX will be looking at WHY, and one side of the Coin would be there was not enough Alien (Xenomorph) Screen Time and maybe no Queens and Ripley....I think what is being implied is this emissary was not Jesus, but a representative of the over-seeing class of the Engineers, who also watched over the humanoids on Planet 4.The Planet 4 humanoids were allowed to avoid judgement so long as they continued to live in a way the over-seeing Engineers approved of.With Baby Boomers and Generation Jones (the long-lost generation between the Boomers and Xers, born 1954-1965, 26% of all U. adults) receiving huge media attention in Western Europe, and now increasingly in the U. It has only been natural that marketers flock to them like moths to a flame.Boomers and Jonesers were both born during the post-WWII 20-year boom in births, but they were raised with very different experiences, which is why so many credible organizations and individuals have been validating the Gen Jones concept, and spending big chunks of cash targeting Jonesers and Boomers.Crucifixion was just the punishment of choice 2000 years ago. ali81Jul-20-2017 AMit would be an interesting tie into human history and the reasoning behind their anger towards humanity.im sure this is what RS is going for as it cant be coincidence in the timeline.

If they do a Engineers movie it will be slammed as soon as it is announced.

but the other side is some fans was disappointed that the movie did not continue or do justice to the LARGE PLOT surrounding these Would Be GODS And so i think we could maybe see a bit more about them, a lot depends on how the next Movie does....

IF Alien Awakening does not do well then i think the Franchise will be Sealed Shut...

A quick glance through of all the sites and we noticed that some had obviously have been well-funded and designed, and that others looked more like those old subdomain tripod/earthlink/geocities sites.

The top three that caught our eye were re ZOOM, BOOMj and Boomer Girl.It was all fair game until A: C landed and shut the universe back up.ali81Jul-20-2017 AMtotally agree sherries.