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13-May-2018 15:04

The COMSCC 2017 season seemed to fly by, and now we are into our off-season. Pricing Yes, this is a touchy subject, but in this region, where there seems to be new race tracks popping up every year, there is something happening that has been unexpected; track rental prices are still on the rise, even with the market dilution of new tracks and the perception of available inventory. This is always a very difficult decision to make, but a necessary one to keep the club in the black.

This, while at the same time helping those same competitors by turning a wrench, or lending a car, or towing them home after a breakdown.

then finishing the night off with food, drink, and track talk. The 2018 Schedule This might sound early, but things are going so well on this front that we will likely publish our preliminary schedule before the holidays.

Most of the dates at our typical venues are locked in, contracts are just awaiting signatures.

Of course – it only lasted a lap or two before I began holding up our fastest licensed group.

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I credit the success of that event to two things; our staff of dedicated folks that spent months developing the materials and figuring out how to make it all happen and…During 2017 we rolled out an entirely new tiered discount structure that rewards the amount of participation.