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An object impacting at 6 km/sec would do damage equal to 4 times its weight in TNT, and would be said to do "4 Ricks" worth of damage..Survivors are not unknown, and the effect is usually depicted as "Ship A crashes into ship B and ship B crumples and breaks apart in slow motion," where it should look like, and is only rarely is portrayed as, "Ship A crashes into ship B and both ships are vaporized in a titanic fireball".Most spaceships are far heavier, and can go far faster.An object traveling at 3 km/sec does damage equal to its own weight in TNTAmong hard SF enthusiasts, this is known as Rick Robinson's Law of Space Combat.

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The remaining characters return in A Dance with Dragons, the fifth book.

Compare Colony Drop, which, depending on what you're dropping, takes this trope to its logical extreme.