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We divided youth into four groups: those who were “nonviolent/nonsuicidal” (n=1,874); those who were “violent-only” (n=1,012); those who were “suicidal-only” (n=567); and those who were violent and suicidal (hereafter referred to as “violent/suicidal”) (n=678) (Figure 1).

We then identified youth in each group who recently carried a gun (i.e., carried a gun at least one day within 30 days prior to the survey).

Research has shown that targeted programs that focus resources on youth at risk or those already exhibiting aggressive violent behavior can have profound ecological impacts on the broader population of youth (Multisite Violence Prevention Project, 2009).

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that over 270,000 youth of ages 10–17 years are seen in emergency departments annually for injuries attributed to either assault or self-harm (CDC).We compared VSG youth to each of the four comparison groups with regard to demographic characteristics (i.e., age, sex, and race/ethnicity), known risk factors for violence (i.e., having friends who engage in delinquent behaviors, peer violence victimization, depressive symptoms, and illicit substance use), and known protective factors against violence (i.e., feeling connected to school, having parental care and supervision).

Texas, like most states, does not recognize a mistake of age as an acceptable defense against the charge of statutory rape.… continue reading »

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