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20-Jan-2018 23:32

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At this month’s CEASE Network webinar, Robert Beiser, Executive Director of Seattle Against Slavery, demonstrated the successful implementation of two technology platforms—through a philanthropic initiative called Project Intercept—that address both the supply and demand of sex trafficking.

The products have been developed over the past year in partnership with volunteers who work at Microsoft.

Biri is a chatbot for guiding rape and abuse victims in getting help and moving past the event so that they can build better lives.

The platform does this by allowing survivors to tell their stories and leading them to the point where they are connected to counsellors.

While the success of the 2014 experiment with the Eugene Goostman software has been called into question, the fact still remains that current chatbots are getting pretty good at mimicking human dialogue and, inevitably, they will become so advanced that their speech will be indistinguishable from that of people. In the near future, computers will be able to verbally understand human beings—like Apple’s Siri and other intelligent personal assistants, but without the annoying dead-end responses they give when they fail to comprehend a question.

They’ll also offer the possibility of personalized and high-quality education for millions of people. But that doesn’t mean they can’t take care of you,” he wrote.

A second component of Project Intercept is a “chatbot”—artificial-intelligence software set up to conduct an automated conversation.Each would be answered fully and in terms suited to each user’s language and education level, and also keyed to the location of nearby medical or psychological health services if desired.Humans are still in the process of integrating digital assistants and chatbots into our lives—and some people are even becoming sexually attracted to them.In an article for Quartz Media, Doug Robinson explored this possibility through an optimistic lens, especially in terms of respecting privacy and offering the freedom to inquire about sexual topics. It also arrives without a filter in regards to the real needs of the person looking for answers.

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A chatbot, though, could be programmed through either preset information or by learning about its user.Let’s consider a young person who has questions about their sexual orientation.