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12-Jul-2017 13:13

In San Diego, dozens of students from San Dieguito Union High School District are facing possible criminal charges after teen girls sent naked photos of themselves to their boyfriends, which were then shared among six different high schools and one middle school.Sharing nude photos of young people has been classified as distributing child pornography in some states. Some parents have resorted to apps, like Eye Guardian, which was created by two fathers and alerts parents whenever explicit or abusive content is shared on their child’s Facebook account.According to the study authors, teens who sexted were four to seven times more likely to also partake in sexual activities.Students that admitted to sending pictures showed even higher rates of sexual activity.The girls are charged with manufacturing, disseminating or possessing child pornography, while the boys who received the photos are charged with possession.Now, it's pretty clear that the girls did something dumb here -- but teens do an awful lot of dumb things. Getting charged with child porn for taking photos of yourself and then being labeled a sex offender for the rest of your life seems... This is why we've pointed out that laws, like the one in Georgia, that require sex offenders to hand over not just their emails, but passwords to all their accounts, are so ridiculous.The results revealed that 22% of the students sexted, with 17% sending text messages only and 5% sending both texts and explicit photos.More concerning, say the scientists, was that sexting was associated with a higher likelihood of sexual behaviors such as touching genitals, oral sex, and vaginal sex.

But most of all, it’s always been about you, the faithful Cute Overload community. (kitten at left.) The landscape has changed for us over the last few years, personally and professionally. We want to thank our tireless vendors Word Press VIP, The fine folks at Blog Ads, the good people over at Workman Publishing, Google ads, and Cute Labs. We’d like to encourage you to link to your favorite post in the comments. That could make adolescents who may not be mature enough to understand the possible consequences of exchanging sexually explicit messages vulnerable to sexual predators, say the study authors.

“Although adolescents may be more digitally savvy than their parents, their lack of maturity and inattention to consequences can quickly lead to serious negative outcomes,” they write.

More high school students are sending and receiving sexually explicit text messages or photos, and that makes them more likely to engage in other types of sexual activity as well.