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21-Jun-2017 05:34

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He will give a lame excuse to cancel the date or change the time.

He would say things like “have dinner with client”, “have an early meeting tomorrow…need to go to bed early”, or “exhausted and not feeling sexual”.

He can text faster than any voice recognition software or any typing game, plus he now uses a smartwatch so it’s hard for a girl to look into his screen, but it’s pretty obvious to me when he’s texting to girls by looking at his face and how he hides the phone. I still can’t believe how blind Casanova’s woman are by missing the obvious signals and believe in his lame excuses.

How could a 32 year old successful good looking guy settle down?

Looking for someone who enjoys conversation and appreciates a healthy lifestyle.

He didn’t care what time of the day, he tried see me whenever he wanted to. He mostly saw me on weekdays and started giving me excuses for the weekend.

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