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29-Apr-2018 11:27

It is generally characterized by intolerance of the expression of emotional experiences, which often leads to extreme displays of emotion. Linehan, borderline personality disorder clinician and researcher, proposed the idea that the development of BPD happens during the developmental years, where the child receives the message that he or she should learn to cope with emotions internally and without support from his or her parents.

As a result, the child never learns how to regulate or tolerate her own emotions, and fails to learn how to solve the problems that are inciting these emotions.

The previous section, 18.1, introduced the legal concept of the contract.

A contract requires the following three elements in order to be considered valid or enforceable by the courts: an offer, an acceptance, and consideration.

Those who grow up with invalidating comments, especially those that are disguised as praise and support, can find it difficult to see the difference between these comments and validating comments.

This section will describe the ways in which a contract may be considered invalid.

The experience of painful emotions, as well as the factors that to the emotional person seem causally related to the emotional distress, are disregarded.