Gta dating faq

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are used to indicate the heading of each item, such as a cutscene or email, as well as to explain what occurs in the completion of certain mission objectives. Cherise Cherise Glover, Dwayne's girlfriend prior to his imprisonment. Aiden Aiden O'Malley, worked alongside Derrick and Bucky. Teddy Teddy Benavidez, drug dealer, linked to the Pegorino family. Ashley Ashley Butler, ex-girlfriend of Johnny Klebitz. Luca Luca Silvestri, a hood working for Ray Boccino. Tony Tony Prince, AKA Gay Tony, owner of clubs Maisonette 9 and Hercules. Brackets [] are used (mostly in cutscenes) to explain characters' actions. Jason Jason Michaels, member of the Lost biker gang. Oleg Oleg Minkov, a Russian paranoid about the government. Bobby Bobby Jefferson, a Liberty politician, friend of Jon Gravelli. CL Clarence Little, head of a drug distribution operation in East Holland. Charlie Charles Matteo, AKA Chubby Charlie, right hand to Gio Ancelotti.

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[translated] I thought I had died and gone to heaven, man. Niko Yes - he's got the lot - house, women, cars, parties... Niko Good to see you, man - what, you forget our language? Lizzy Elizabeta Torres, a head of drug distribution around the city. Gerry Gerald Mc Reary, Packie's brother, heads Irish-American crime in Dukes. Gracie Gracie Ancelotti, daughter of the head of the Ancelotti family. Peg James or Jimmy Pegorino, head of the Pegorino family.

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Packie Patrick Mc Reary, Irish-American criminal in Dukes.

=============================================================================== CHARACTER KEY (#charkey) =============================================================================== Some names don't cut down into an obvious 7-letter-or-less nickname. Faustin Mikhail Faustin, co-head alongside Dimitri. Brucie Bruce Kibbutz, auto enthusiast and certified winner.

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