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29-Jun-2018 11:46

50’s dating compared to today, well its a little different…

I interviewed my 74 year old grandmother, ‘granny’ for the purpose of this article.

As the young New Yorker found herself single after the end of a four-year relationship, the pair decided to tackle the online dating together -- using the blog Granny Is My Wingman to keep track of their escapades Gail said she thought Miss Stollak was old enough to hear the truth and finally opened up to her granddaughter about her past.

'I thought she’d understand better,' she said, adding that dating online was something she was ready for.

Some charities around Japan have begun catering to the new crop of abandoned elders, even setting up "senior citizen postboxes" (offices where people can be dropped off) to standardize the practice as best they can.

The charity will then transfer the family member to a local retirement home, where they can receive the care they deserve.

For instance, the country has seen greater rates of or "death by overwork," in which burnt-out employees commit suicide under the weight of job pressure.

The government has also taken steps to make family life more enticing to people, including hosting speed-dating events, teaching men how to be fathers, and recommending shorter work hours in large companies.

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"They are reluctant to ask for help because they feel it's shameful." Japan's economy has been shrinking for the better part of the last decade.

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Senior citizens have continued aging into their 80s, 90s, and 100s, while younger generations have largely stagnated in having children.As a result, there are fewer people to help take care of the elderly, pay for social security, and keep the workforce full.