Florida statutes teen dating violence

15-Jan-2018 02:54

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In addition, facilitators are encouraged to participate in facilitator training.Your local certified domestic violence center may be available to offer onsite training for facilitators.However, facilitators are encouraged to adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of students.If activities or discussions are too advanced, you are invited to adapt the content as appropriate.These numbers and the potential lifelong impacts of such behaviors are startling.However, research from CDC also indicates that teen dating violence is preventable and educators are an important part of the solution.

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It is recommended that all eight sessions are used together, as the content and dosage are research-informed and reflect best practices in violence prevention.Dating violence includes physical, sexual, and psychological abuse, or stalking through digital and face-to-face communications with the goal of power, and control.The mission of the Hollywood Police Department’s Domestic Violence Unit is to start a school wide teen dating violence prevention program directed towards high school students in order to raise awareness about teen dating abuse, and prevent future incidents.Sessions one through three in each curriculum will provide a basic level of compliance with legislative requirements for comprehensive health programming.

Implementation of sessions one through five in each curriculum will provide students an opportunity to further explore the components of healthy relationships.In 2010, Florida passed legislation intended to promote youth education related to teen dating violence and to support teen survivors of dating violence.