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13-Jul-2017 21:34

The truth is that God wants everyone to experience the power and gift of sex; but sex done the right way.

Through this powerful series, couples will discover what lies at the intersection of God and sex.

But a quick look under the hood reveals a longing to get back on the right track-a longing to do it God's way.

Because it is only the octane that God provides that gets us out of the rut and back on the road toward relational success.

From business partnerships to lifelong friendships; from casual acquaintances to committed marriages, relationships are a substantial and significant aspect of life. The question is, are we making the most of those relationships in our lives?

Sermon One in this series defines criteria on how to pick a mate God's way.

God wants us to use the same owner's manual, be guided by the same map, look beyond the outside and inspect the baggage.

Join us for this brand new series by Pastor Ed Young.

Discover the power and potential of every relationship in your life.

In this brand new series, we find the cure the world so often promises but never delivers. God-given beauty is as close as your heart, as deep as your soul. When it is present, it comes with hope, opportunity, and potential.

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