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This illustrates that there was a climate amongst scholars working in this area who saw cultural explanations in terms of an historical/linguistic paradigm which they applied to all areas of western Britain.

If there had been any substantial movement of people into Argyll, there should be some sign of this in the archaeological record, even though few would now accept a simplistic equation of material culture and population groups.

During the expansion of interest in ‘Dark Age Britain’, scholars familiar with the historical and genealogical accounts of Irish origins of some western kingdoms, explicitly searched for, and believed they had found, archaeological evidence for these migrations.

Examples can quoted for ogham stones in Dyfed, Brecon, Gwynedd, and Dumnonia (Macalister 1949); placenames in Dyfed (Richards 1960) , Galloway (Nicolaisen 1976), and Cornwall (Thomas 1973); settlement forms in Somerset (Rahtz 1976); and pottery in Cornwall (Thomas 1968).

Later, in the mid-ninth century, these Scots of Dál Riata took over the Pictish kingdom of eastern Scotland to form the united kingdom of Alba, later to become known as Scotland. Ethnische Identitäten und kulturelle Muster im frühen Mittlealter.

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After a period of virulent sectarian debate on the origins of the Scots in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries (Ferguson 1998), the idea of a migration of the Scots to Argyll has become fixed as a fact in both the popular and academic mind for at least a century.

Any cultural influences could be argued as likely to have been going from Scotland to Ireland rather than vice versa.

If there was no major movement of people, perhaps there was an elite takeover, similar to the Norman invasion of England.

At this period there is good evidence that one way in which this was done was through the use of distinctive personal jewellery, particularly brooches (Nieke 1993) and most royal sites of the period have produced evidence of manufacture of silver and gold brooches (Campbell 1996). Artefacts in context: personal ornament in early medieval Britain and Ireland.

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The distributions of different forms of early medieval brooches and pins show strong regional patterns, and though these may not coincide with political or ethnic boundaries, they do suggest a relationship with some form of group identity. Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Insular Art.

The lack of change in domestic equipment and settlement form could then be explained by the adoption of local cultural traditions. Irish dialects past and present with chapters on Scottish and Manx.