Dating someone who is paralyzed

01-Jan-2018 09:11

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Your current girlfriend, even though you don’t like her, is proof in the pudding that if you breakup with her, it’s possible to find someone again. Did you think meeting her was just dumb luck, and that there’s no one else out there who will give you a chance?

There are plenty of woman out there who’ll not give a rat’s ass you can’t walk.

There are the lucky few who believe their chairs are the perfect ice breaker and don’t feel as self-conscious about being in a wheelchair as others.

Some people feel they are more attractive to others when they have a wheelchair.

Please – stop thinking you’re going to end up lonely. And btw, hooking up with your current girlfriend so quick after injury probably wasn’t the best idea.

Take some time to get to know better, focus on rehab, then start searching for the perfect woman for you. Not only will you still find women who will find you attractive, you’ll now find women that have good souls. Just remember, having too specific of a niche in anything can sometimes affect your bottom line.

It takes a lot of journeying of the soul to get to the point where you realize this is bullshit.

I feel I might have fallen for her because she was taking care of me.

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