Dating a nice guy but

01-Jul-2018 20:19

Basically, they have a little more money, and that’s it. Nice guys are good breadwinners, and in many decades of science, it’s clear that once you have enough money for the basics, you won’t be substantially happier with more.

No, everything is actually the way two people in love relate to one another. But nice guys tend to show a woman that they genuinely like and care about her.

But do yourself a favor and keep an eye out for these three types of “good guys” that make bad boyfriends in the end.

Not gonna lie here: There’s something kind of enticing about that stuffed-schedule guy.

Getting together with a woman who needs you to be a jerk so she’ll be into you is a guarantee of misery.

The problem with this thinking is that many people categorically assume that if he’s a “good guy,” he’s the They believe that if he means well and seems to generally have his ducks in a row, that’s all that matters.

While I too used to fall for this "good guy" cure-all, the description of, “He’s such a good guy!

I hate to be a downer, but the "good guy" isn't the magic bad-boyfriend remedy you might think he is.

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If he seems unwilling to restructure his schedule, chances are, he won’t make a good boyfriend—at least at this juncture in his life.

The Money The reason girls love status is the same one women do: In study after study, it’s associated with a man’s ability to provide and protect. Across a series of studies, the “jerk perk” is worth about k a year on average, or 18% more than more agreeable male peers.

And jocks are not always known for throwing their weight around in the kindest possible ways.

Do women truly prefer jerks — men who treat them rudely, who act like they could take ‘em or leave ‘em, or who actually do take them…then leave them? Just as the toughest jock would have made a great protector in the ancient past—where all human mating psychology comes from—women today are drawn to whoever gets them and their kids/genes to survive. They aren’t better employees, but they have no hesitations about putting themselves or their interests forward. The Panties There’s an industry directed at teaching men to be jerks—to alternately fake long-term interest, feign indifference, and/or pretend they’ve got more money (or degrees, cars, houses) than they really do.

If it weren’t for the stories and letters, I’d have to wonder; I myself prefer good, true, honest, loving, kind, faithful men—most especially the nice guy I married. And yet we all know women who can’t seem to get excited about anyone but a jerk. There’s probably something to this; in studies, some women admit that when they have casual sex, they maintain high standards for a guy’s high resources.

On personality inventories, jerks aren’t sociopaths — they’re just really disagreeable, per scientific studies on personality.

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