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In fact, except for Sunohara and Nagisa's parents, pretty much all the side characters from the game are regulated to bit parts at most.And believe it or not, it works a little better this way. series she serves as a background character for the grand deal of the series as the others' pasts and stories unfold in front of her and Tomoya.I would dare say Kyoto Animation's television series has generally better animation than Toei's take on the franchise.This isn't to say that the Clannad movie looks bad, though.Nagisa's parents are decent characters as well, especially her father.In fact, when Tomoya goes to Nagisa's house for the first time, the first thing her father does is drag out Tomoya to play baseball with him to see how much of a man he is!It even has a cute little song number about the Big Dango Family, sung at one point or another by nearly the entire main cast (even Tomoya, albeit reluctantly).

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Director Osamu Dezaki is a long-time anime director who's been praised in the past for his use of angles, split-screens, and watercolor still frames in his works, which date back to as far back as his work on the original 1963 Astro Boy!

Later at dinner he offers Tomoya both cigarettes and sake, which Tomoya accepts (!